30-Day English Challenge Course







Do you struggle to consistently practice English?

Do you feel your English would improve if you could just find a way to practice English every day?

Are you tired of studying boring vocabulary and grammar in English class?

The 30-Day English Challenge Course will help you create the good habit of using English on a daily basis.

Each day you will receive a lesson about an interesting central topic. You will receive a listening, speaking, writing and reading activity related to the same topic.

You will learn important vocabulary about each topic and will be encouraged to share and formulate your personal opinion, ideas and/or experience with each topic discussed.

When you sign-up for this course, you will get one new lesson every day for 30 days.

This English course will engage you on a wide variety of topics that are commonly discussed by native English speakers and seen in the media.

The topics that will be included in this course are:

Creating Good Habits Consumerism
Personal values Advertising
Family values Overuse of Technology
Traditions/Customs Censorship
Community Extreme Sports
Friendship Animal Rights
Happiness Health Care
Ethics Obesity
Stereotypes Effects of Video Games 
Discrimination Recycling
Racism Solar Energy
Sexism Carbon Footprint
Laws Education
Illegal Immigration E-learning
Materialism Bilingualism







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30 Day English Challenge Course Details:
– 30 Lessons
– One lesson will be delivered a day for 30 days
– Lesson Format: Interactive lessons, adio (MP3’s), external links, PDF’s, online quizzes. Daily format will vary.
– This course is developed for English language learners whose English skills are high intermediate or advanced low.

 If you have any questions about this course please contact me at courses @ English-Tonight.com 


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