8 Ways You Can Use Pictures to Speak Better English


Pictures are a valuable resource to practice your oral fluency in English. You can use them to increase your English fluency and you can use them as writing prompts. You can use your personal photos, pictures from magazines or the newspaper or you can find pictures on the internet.

8 Different Ways ESL Students Can Use Pictures When Learning English
1. Say what you see. (I see…)
2. List things that are in the picture (There is… There are…)
3. Make up a story about what is happening in the picture
4. Make up questions about the picture
5. Make a caption or headline for the picture
6. Describe what the person feels like and guess why they feel that way
7. Compare and contrast two pictures (similarities and differences)
8. Give your opinion / react to the picture

Before listening to English Tonight’s description of the pictures below, you should describe them first.

If you want to have even more fun you can record yourself speaking. Many smart phones and computers already have recording programs on them. If you don’t have a recording device, for free you can record yourself speaking English and describing these pictures (or anything else) with Audacity  or Vocaroo.

Picture 1:









Audio 1

Audio 2

Picture 2:








Audio 1

Audio 2

Picture 3:






Audio 1

Audio 2

Next time you want to practice speaking, open a children’s book or look at your old family photos and try describing what you see. The more you do this the better you will get at speaking English.

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