Thank you for visiting English Tonight! I am excited to have the opportunity to help you learn and practice English. 

Who is English Tonight For?
English Tonight was created for adults that are learning to speak the English language. 

What Does English Tonight Do?
• We have different English courses and products to help you improve your English. 
• We have a blog that covers a wide variety of topics.
• We have a podcast available for download on our website and on iTunes.


Learn About the English Tonight Founder and Teacher:


15 Facts About the Teacher:

1. My name is Janet.

2. I am from the United States.

3. I a native English speaker. I am fluent in Spanish. I speak functional Portuguese.

4. I work as a teacher. I have been teaching for eight years.

5. I was an AFS exchange student to Argentina in high school for one year.

6. I LOVE to eat spicy food.

7. I want to live on a tropical island someday.

8. I like to dance and listen to Bachata music.

9. I have traveled to 14 countries. Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Honduras, Dominican Republic, England, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal.  I want to travel to many more countries.

10. I don’t like to eat seafood.

11. I hate cold weather even though live in a place with a cold snowy winter.

12. My favorite color is blue.

13. I have 2 bilingual children. (They are learning to speak both English and Spanish at the same time!)

14. My husband is learning English. His native language is Spanish.

15. Baseball is my favorite sport.


Please write me an email at:  info @ English-Tonight .com.



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