English Spelling Test 2: Farm Animals

Ready to test your spelling in English?

Watch the video below to take a spelling test in English. Good luck!

English Spelling Test 1: Fruits

Spelling is important. Have you ever been embarrassed to write something on the board in English class? Or take notes for your boss at a meeting? It is important that you know how to spell accurately. You cannot depend on your computer or smart phone to help you all the time; sometimes you need to use your brain.

Ready to take a spelling test?…. Click on the video below.

How did you do? 10 out of 10?

English Alphabet & Spelling Name and Giving Email

Please watch the video. It is important that you know the letter names of the English alphabet. You will need to know them to tell others how to spell things; like you name, last name, address or email.

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