English Slang for Women’s Private Parts

Slang for women’s private parts. There are a lot of words to describe the breasts, butt and vagina. Some of the most used are listed below.

Some slang words for ‘breasts’:
fun bags
lady lumps

Some slang words for the ‘butt’:
Gluteus Maximus
rear end

Some slang words for the ‘vagina’:
honey pot
love box

How to Talk About Sleep in English

What do you do for approximately 33% of your life? SLEEP!

In this post you will learn English vocabulary to discuss sleep. Also, listen about my horrible night.


wake up
Meaning: arise from sleeping, awaken, become conscious
Example: I woke up at 7am this morning.

take a nap
Meaning: sleep for a short time during, usually during the middle of the day
Example: My friend Emma takes a nap every afternoon.

go to sleep/fall asleep
Meaning: change from a waking to a sleeping state
Example: Last night I went to sleep at 10pm.

sleep in
Meaning: Sleep later than usual/normal
Example: I am so excited that I get to sleep in tomorrow.

stay up late
Meaning: not go to bed at normal time, go to bed later than usual
Example: I stayed up late last night. I was busy working online and couldn’t go to bed earlier.

Meaning: to sleep longer or later than you planned/intended
Example: I missed my ride this morning because I overslept.

Types of sleep- You can describe the way someone sleeps in the following terms.

deep sleep
Meaning: profound sleep (or slow wave sleep), people have trouble awakening
Example: I was in such a deep sleep; I didn’t even hear my alarm go off.

heavy sleeper
Meaning: someone who does not awake easily, even to loud noises
Example: My grandpa is a heavy sleeper. He doesn’t even wake up when we play loud music.

restless sleep
Meaning: moves a lot while sleeping, never still while sleeping
Example: My husband moves around the bed all night long. He is a restless sleeper.

light sleeper
Meaning: is easily woken up by any small sound
Example: Emily is a light sleeper. If she hears any noises, she wakes up right away.

Other words and phrases to help you talk about sleep in English:

snooze button
Meaning: large button on alarm clock, if you press it the alarm will go off again 10 minutes later (So you can sleep for 10 more minutes.)
Example: I hit the snooze button four times this morning.

white noise
Meaning: Noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities; like a fan or rain
Example: I can’t sleep without white noise.

Meaning: the usual or normal time someone goes to bed
Example: The kid’s bedtime is 8pm.

at the crack of dawn
Meaning: sunrise, at the first day’s light
Example: My husband gets up at the crack of dawn to go to work.

sleep like a baby
Meaning: sleep well, sleep like a baby
Example: I was so tired last night; I slept like a baby.

Meaning: A series of thoughts and images occurring in a person’s mind during sleep
Example: My daughter dreamed she was a bird.

Meaning: a frightening or bad dream
Example: My son wakes up screaming from nightmares almost every night

morning person
Meaning: a person that likes to wake up early, feels energetic and is happy
Example: My mom is a morning person. She loves getting up early.

night owl
Meaning: a person who finds it easy to stay up late at night; a person who is active and energetic at night
Example: My boyfriend is a night owl. He never goes to bed before 2am.

sleep together/sleep with
Meaning: have sexual relations, to be sexual partners
Example: I slept with the girl I met at the bar last night.

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Learn about Money in English. MONEY!

What is something that everyone loves but no one ever seems to have enough of? Money!

Below you will learn about money from the United States and verbs commonly used with the word ‘money’. Words about money and coins will be colloquial (or just used in the US). Some words will be different if talking about money in Great Britain, Canada or Australia.

Money (Slang Synonyms: Words the mean the same)

Very Common Slang for Money:

Example: I paid five bucks for lunch today.

Example: I’m all out of cash. Do you take credit?

Other Slang Words for Money:
dough, moolah, greenbacks, dollars, dollas, Benjamins ($100’s),  ones ($1), ten spots ($10’s)

$1000= a grand
Example: How much do you make a year? I make fifty grand. ($50,000)


Bills and Coins:

Bill= paper money
The six most common bills in the United States are listed below:

Coin= a flat round piece of metal money
It is important to learn the names and values of the coins in the United States. The value is NOT printed on the coin. Though coins are not worth a lot, they are still commonly used.

The four most common coins are above. There are also, 50 cent coins and one dollar coins but they are not used as commonly as the penny, nickel, dime and quarter. The one dollar bill is used more often than the one dollar coin.

Change= Money that is left over after paying for something.

Break=to get smaller bills in exchange for a bigger one. (Slang)
Example: Can you break my $50?

Tip= Extra Money that you leave for a service you received.
Example: I left a big tip for the waitress. She did a great job.

Tipping=Act of leaving extra money for a service you received

In the United States, it is very common to tip a waitress or waiter in a restaurant anywhere from 15-25% of your bill. So, if you paid $25 for dinner. You might leave a $5 tip. Though it is not required, it is considered rude to leave a small tip or no tip at all at sit down restaurants.
It is NOT customary leave a tip at fast food restaurants (McDonalds, Burger King, Chipotle, Taco Bell, etc.).
Coffee shops often have tip jars. It is a large jar or container near the cash register. If you want, you can put a tip in it. Many people throw in the change from their coffee.

What do you do with your money?

Below is a list of actions (or verbs) that are commonly used with ‘money’ in English. 

Spend Money= use money to buy things
Example: I spent a ton of money at the mall last weekend.

Bring in money, earn money, make money= do something, like work, to get money
Example: 1. I made $340 at the garage sale.
2. I earn thirty dollars an hour. 3. My husband has a good job that brings in a lot of money.

Owe Money= need to pay back someone money you borrowed from them
Example: I owe my mom $50 dollars. I am going to pay her back on Friday when I get paid.

Lend Money= giving your money to someone for a short time; expecting that they will pay you back
Example: I lent Michelle $10 for lunch.

Borrow Money= using someones money for a short time and then paying them back
Example: Michelle borrowed $10 from me to buy lunch.

Save Money= put money in the bank (or somewhere else) and plan on using it for later
Example: I am saving money to buy a new car.

Donate= give money to an organization or cause
Example: I donated money to an organization that is going build a library in the Dominican Republic.

Waste Money= spend money frivolously, playfully or without caring
Example: Last year, I wasted money on an expensive shirt and now it doesn’t fit me anymore.

Throw Away Money= spend money on something that doesn’t matter