Phrasal Verb| Show Off

Phrasal Verb- Show Off

Meaning: brag, want to be admired or attract attention


1. Evelyn is always showing off her new clothes.
2. Brittany likes to show off how good she looks since she lost a lot of weight.
3. Juan likes to show off how much he can   drink, when he goes to parties.
4. Leslie spent all day showing off the diamond ring her boyfriend gave her.
5. Marcos likes to show off his muscles at the gym. He is always lifting really heavy weights and grunting, so that people look at him.
6. My sister loves to show off to her friends. She is always talking about her new iPod and about her trip to Italy.

I am Going Crazy! 32 Ways to Say ‘Crazy’ in English!

When you are learning a new language sometimes you get stuck always using the same words. Why not broaden your vocabulary? This list will also help you understand when you hear someone speaking English use one of these common words. Below is a list of 32 words to say ‘crazy’ in English. How many of these have you heard before?

32 Ways to Say ‘Crazy’ in English:
1. bananas 
(Example: I think she is going bananas.)
2. berserk
(Example: The crowd went berserk when they heard the new song.)
3. bonkers
(Example: You would be bonkers not to give her the job.)
4. certifiable
(Example: Why is she talking like that? I think she is certifiable.)
5. cuckoo    
(Example: Mason is cuckoo for chicken. It’s all he eats.)
6. ding-a-ling       
(Example: The man that bought dog food for his bird is a ding-a-ling.)
7. disturbed
(Example: I think he is disturbed in the head.)
8. funny farm
(Example: You belong in the funny farm.)
9. gaga   
(Example: My daughter is gaga for Dora the Explorer .)
10. irrational
(Example: Brian is acting really irrational.)
11. insane
(Example: Are you insane? Why do you keep calling her?)
12. loco [Spanish word for ‘crazy’.]
(Example: I am loco for the beautiful girl at work.)
13. loony 
(Example: Paul is loony. He thinks that cows eat pizza.)
14. lost his marbles
(Example: I think he has lost his marbles. He wants to move to Brazil.)
15. mad  
(Example: She is mad! You should see what crazy thing she wore to work today.)
16. mental
(Example: Are you mental or something? I have explained it to you five times
and you still don’t understand.)
17. not all there 
(Example: I don’t think she is all there. She never understands what she is supposed to do at work.)
18. nuts 
(Example: You are nuts! Where did get such a strange idea? )
19. nutty   
(Example: My aunt Connie is really nutty.)
20. oddball
(Example: Carlos is such an oddball. He will never fit in.)
21. off  
(Example: I think there is something off inside his head.)
22. off my rocker
(Example: My grandma is off her rocker. I think her brain is stuck in 1973. )
23. out of it   
(Example: Kelsey seemed really out of it this morning.)
24. out of my mind
(Example: Are you out of your mind? You cannot do that; it’s illegal.)
25. psychotic                       
(Example: My brother is acting psychotic .)
26. screw loose  
(Example: She must have a screw loose or something. She is always telling unbelievable lies.)
27. strange  
(Example: He is so strange. The people look at him when he walks by.)
28. troubled
(Example: She is a really troubled girl. She has gone through a lot in her short life.)
29. unstable
(Example: She is always having strange outbursts. I think she is really unstable.)
30. wacko  
(Example: What a wacko! He cut in front of me and didn’t even say anything.)
31. wacky 
(Example: Maria is a wacky lady. She is always wearing mismatched clothes.)
32. weird 
(Example: You are weird .)

Next time you are going to use the word ‘crazy,’ STOP and use one of these words instead.

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