At the Zoo, I saw…

Watch the video and find out which animals I saw at the zoo.


At the zoo, I saw___________________.

After watching the video, answer the following questions.

  1. Did I see a cat at the zoo?
  2. Did I see a horse or a monkey at the zoo?
  3. Did I see a wolf at the zoo?
  4. Did I see a rabbit at the zoo?
  5. Did I see a lion or a dog at the zoo?
  6. Did I see a cow at the zoo?
  7. Did I see a tiger at the zoo?
  8. Did I see a penguin or a crab at the zoo?
  9. Did I see a shark at the zoo?
  10. Did I see a frog and a snake at the zoo?


What other animals have you seen at the zoo? What is your favorite animal?

Winter Vocabulary

Watch the following video and learn common English words used in the winter.

Winter Vocabulary Words:



snow blower








ice skates

ice rink

snow skis


ice fishing

fishing pole

snow man


hot chocolate


whipped cream

snow ball

snow ball fight

snow mobile






  1. Many animals _________________ in the winter.
  2. I like to put _____________ and _______________ in my hot chocolate.
  3. The kids used three large snowballs to make a ___________________.
  4. When the lake is frozen, my uncle likes to go _________________________ and catch fish.
  5. Gary likes to drive his __________________ really fast in the snow.
  6. You have to be careful when it’s ____________________or you might fall.
  7. My ____________ help me balance when I am skiing.
  8. The __________________________ cleans the snow off the road.
  9. There are ______________ coming off the roof of my house.
  10. He is _________________ the driveway after it snows.


Refrigerator Vocabulary

Vocabulary Development

Make a list of everything (YES…EVERYTHING) in your refrigerator or take 5 minutes to make a list.

Why? It is important to know the words of what you like to eat in English. Since everybody eats different food, the food in your refrigerator will reflect what you commonly eat.

A picture and list of what is in my refrigerator is will be up soon.

Christmas Vocabulary

Learn Christmas vocabulary in English on this video.

Christmas Vocabulary:

Christmas Tree




Christmas Wreath



Christmas Stockings


Ginger Bread Man

Ginger Bread House

Christmas Lights

Christmas Cookies

Candy Cane

Sitting on Santa’s Lap

Writing a Letter to Santa






Christmas Eve

Christmas Day



Fill in the blanks:

  1. On _________________________ we will celebrate Christmas Eve.
  2. Many people hang ________________________ on their front doors.
  3. Santa comes down the __________________ and leaves ___________ for the kids that have been naughty.
  4. We decorate the Christmas tree with _______________ and _________________.
  5. _____________________ is a red and white, mint flavored candy.
  6. If you are under __________________, you have to kiss the person you are with.
  7. _____________ are people that come to the door and sing Christmas songs.
  8. Santa flies in the sky in his ________________ that is pulled by _____________________.

If you like it share it with your friends! Merry Christmas to all!

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