Everyday English Listening Course

Do you read and write well in English but struggle to understand spoken English?
Do you get confused with native English speakers talk?
Do you get stressed when you have to speak in English?  

Who is the Everyday English Listening Course for? 
-English language learners that have difficulty understanding native English speakers when they talk. 
-Students that are preparing for the IELTS Exam and would like to hear some speaking examples/samples
– People who want to learn real life English from native English speakers without traveling. 
– Students who want to improve their English speaking skills on a variety of common/everyday topics. 
-English Teachers who want their students to listen to authentic examples of English speakers

 Seven (7) Native English Speakers from the United States, Australia and New Zealand will talk about the following 30 topics. There are more than three hours of audio MP3’s to listen to. 

List of Thirty Everyday Listening Course Topics: 




Hobbies/Free Time





Favorite Childhood Memory










Good/Bad Habits


Something You Want to Learn

Accidents & Broken Bones



Most Interesting Person

Pet Peeves


Cooking/Food Habits



 In the recordings, the native English speakers did not follow scripts but instead spoke naturally to give you a better understanding of how native speakers sound.  What you will hear in the audio files is real life English, it is not textbook English. 

Why Should I take the Everyday English Listening Course?
-You will learn common English expressions.
-You will learn new English vocabulary
-You will have the opportunity to listen to seven native speakers with distinct accents talk about the same topic
-You will improve your English listening skills
-You will learn common sentences starters and sayings to help you talk about the same thirty topics. 



The Everyday English Listening Course has three different levels. Below you can see what each level includes and decide what is best for your English learning goals. 

Basic Listening Course $12
Instantly Access
30 downloadable MP3's (over 4 hours of audio)
Written transcripts of all 30 topics (PDF)
General Listening Course $20
Instantly Access
60 downloadable MP3's - 30 Mp3's at Normal speed and 30 Mp3's at a slowed speed (over 8 hours of audio)
Written transcripts of all 30 topics (PDF)
Printable Activities and Graphic Organizers to Use When Listening

When you purchase the Basic or General courses you will receive access the download links on your course page. When you sign up for the complete course you will receive access to Lesson 1 a day for 30 days. 

Everyday English Listening Course Details:
– This course is developed for English language learners whose English at an intermediate level and/or those students that want to improve their English listening and speaking skills. 
-Downloadable MP3’s (audio files) that you can listen to on your iPod, MP3 players or computer. 
-Printable Written Transcripts of all 30 audio files (in PDF format)

If you have questions about this course please contact us at: courses @ English-Tonight.com 

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