Online English Conversation Classes

The focus of the online English conversation lessons will be speaking and listening. Each lesson will focus on 1-3 topics. You will be encouraged to speak and actively participate in each lesson. Your teacher will support you throughout the lesson to ensure you feel comfortable and are able to participate in the lesson. Your teacher will provide you with feedback and correct your errors. 

We offer individual/ private English conversation lessons. 

Who should take online English conversation courses?
-Someone who wants to improve their English speaking  
-Someone preparing for TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, etc. 
-Someone who needs English for their studies, business or travel
-Someone who does not have the anyone to practice speaking English with where they live

What do I need to take the online English course? 
– Computer/Tablet
-High-speed internet with a dependable/reliable connection 
-Skype account (It’s free- sign-up here)

 Who will teach my class? 
-A native English speaker that is a highly qualified ESL/EFL teacher

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Questions about private English lessons with English Tonight?
Email us at: courses @

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