ESL Creative Writing Prompt: Lost Suitcase of Money


In today’s ESL writing activity, you will write a creative story. 

Above you can see a picture of an angry man. He is angry because he cannot find his suitcase full of money. It seems that he has lost or misplaced it somewhere. 

While writing try to answer these questions…
Why is he so mad?
Where did he last see his suitcase?
How much money was in his suitcase? 
Where did he get a suitcase full of money? 
What was he going to do with so much money? 
Who does he think took the suitcase? 
Did he find the suitcase? 
Where did he look for the suitcase? What places?
Did anyone help him find the suitcase? 
What will he do if he does or doesn’t find it? 

 Have fun writing this story. 

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