English Listening Activity: Bats

English Listening Activity on Bats:

Listen to the listening activity one or two times to learn about bats. After listening, take the English comprehension quiz below to test your listening skills. 



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Day 21: Animal Rights

Welcome to Day 21 of the 30-Day English Challenge!

Today you will learn about Animal Rights. First, listen and learn about animal rights on the lesson link. After that you can do the four activities related to this topic.

Today’s Lesson:

(PDF Slides of Lesson)

Daily Tasks: Day 21- Animal Rights/Welfare

Listening: Animal Rights- A Universal Declaration 

Reading: How Meat Eaters Can Support Animal Welfare

Writing: (PDF of Writing)
1.  Do you think people should buy clothing/shoes made out of animal fur or skin? Why or why not?
2.  Do you think cock and dog fighting is cruel? Is it something that is accepted in your country/culture? 
3.  What is one thing you could do to support animal welfare or well-being? 

Do you think people should fight cocks (roosters)? Explain why or why not? 

Sentences Starters to Help You Talk…
I think people should/shouldn’t cock fight because ________________. 
In my country, ____________________.
I think that cockfighting is ______________________. 
People who cockfight should _______________________. 

Speaking Sample:

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