Creative Writing: Color Story


Creative Writing Activity for ESL Students:
1. Choose one color
2. Write a creative story involving as many objects/things of that color as possible. Try to include at least 10 objects of the color you chose in your story.
3. Challenge: Illustrate it!

For Example:
Once upon a time there was a turtle. The Turtle loved to eat leafs in the forest. He liked to sit in the green grass underneath the trees and think about green grapes and iguanas; his two favorite things. One day the turtle went walking through the forest. He came to a pond filled with algae. It looked quite dirty. He didn’t care. He decided to go swimming in the green water.

Post your story in the comments.

ESL Creative Writing: Selling Coconuts

Write a story about a man that sells coconuts.

Use the questions below to help you generate ideas for the story.

Guiding Questions:
How many coconuts does he sell each day?
Who buys the coconuts?
Where does he get the coconuts?
How much do the coconuts costs?
How does he transport the coconuts? (car, horse, bag, wheel barrel, etc.)

ESL Creative Writing Prompt: Six Random Things (2)

When you are want to improve you English writing skills it is important to consistently practice writing in English. This ESL creative writing prompt is to give you an idea of something you can write about in English today. 

Today you will write a creative story. You can write about whatever you want…. BUT…. somewhere in your story you need to have the following six items: diamonds, a monkey, airplane, mirror, hot-dogs and a flute. 

You can choose to write your story about anything or you can base your story around these six things. You choose. Have fun!  












ESL Creative Writing Prompt: Lost Suitcase of Money


In today’s ESL writing activity, you will write a creative story. 

Above you can see a picture of an angry man. He is angry because he cannot find his suitcase full of money. It seems that he has lost or misplaced it somewhere. 

While writing try to answer these questions…
Why is he so mad?
Where did he last see his suitcase?
How much money was in his suitcase? 
Where did he get a suitcase full of money? 
What was he going to do with so much money? 
Who does he think took the suitcase? 
Did he find the suitcase? 
Where did he look for the suitcase? What places?
Did anyone help him find the suitcase? 
What will he do if he does or doesn’t find it? 

 Have fun writing this story. 

Creative Writing| A 120 Year Old Grandma…

Write a creative story in English about a 120 year old grandma that likes to run.

Questions to help you start writing:
1. When did the grandma start running?
2. Who many miles (or kilometers) does she run at a time?
3. Does she run alone? With friends?
4. What does her family think about her running so much?
5. What is her secret to being so physically fit at the age 120?
6. Does she run with other elderly people?
7. Has she ever ran a marathon?
8. Does she plan on stopping or retiring from running?
9. What are her best tips for other runners?
10. Does she wear any special shoes or clothes when she runs?
11. What is the most she has ever ran in one day?
12. What time of day does she prefer to run?
13. Why does the Grandma like to run?

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