English Writing Prompt | Things to Tell a Babysitter

A babysitter is a person that comes to your house and watches your children while you go out for a few hours.

Brainstorm a list of things you should tell the babysitter before you leave them alone with your children.
What are things that she/he needs to know?

Want to write more?
Challenge: Write a story about a babysitter that does not know how to take care of kids.

Creative Writing in English| A Chicken that Talks a lot

Write a story about a chicken that talks a lot.

Questions to Help you Start Writing:
1. What language does the chicken speak?
2. Why is the chicken talking so much?
3. What important things does the chicken say?
4. Is the talking chicken in danger?
5. Does the talking chicken talk a lot because he is a lawyer? Doctor? Psychiatrist? Politician?
6. Where does the chicken live?
7. Do the other people animals listen to the chicken?
8. How can the other animals make the chicken stop talking?
9. How much does he talk every day? How many hours? Minutes?
10. Does the chicken have a sexy voice? A shrill voice? A deep voice?

English Writing Prompt | What do people do on a rainy day?

It’s raining, it’s pouring the old man is snoring.

It’s raining out…. Oh no!!
Make a list of things people can do on a rainy day.
Remember, just because it is raining doesn’t mean you cannot go outside!

English Writing Prompt | What Can’t you do at School or Work?

Think about school or work. Do you ever catch yourself about to do something and realize you can’t?

Make a list of things you cannot do at school or work.

Think about….
What are some things that you cannot do at school or work if you wanted to?
Why can’t you do these things?
Are they rude?
Would you be embarrassed?
Would they call the police?
Would you get kicked out of school or fired from your job if you did them?

Want to write some more? Now, write a story about a person that did those things that you shouldn’t do at school or work? What happened to them?

Creative Writing in English| What Would a Talking Car Would Say?

Write a creative story in English about a talking car.

Questions to Help you Start Writing:
1. What would a car say if it could talk?
2. What stories would it tell you?
3. What would it want to know?
4. What boring things would the car tell you about?
5. What interesting stories would that car tell you about?
6. What is the fastest the car has ever gone?
7. What does the car like? Not like?
8. If the car could be a different object/thing, what would it be?

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