Creative Writing in English| Crazy Zoo

Today, you and your family are going to take a trip to the zoo. It is not just any ordinary zoo, it is the ‘Crazy Zoo’.

At the Crazy Zoo, the animals are different and they do not do typical things. What do the animals look like? Which animals do you see? How many are there? What are they doing?

Example: There were four green monkeys drinking lemonade. They were really nice and were giving some to everyone that walked by.

Have fun writing!

English Writing Prompt| Giving Advice to a Tourist

A tourist is planning a trip to your country (or city).
Write a letter telling them where to go, what to see and what to pack.

Other things you might want to tell the tourist:
– Where to go?
– Where NOT to go?
– What to do?
– What places have the best food? Drinks? Dancing?
– What should they eat? Drink?
– What should they pack in their suitcase?
– What will the temperature/climate be like? Cold? Hot? Snowing? Rainy?
– Are there any words they should know before arriving?
– What is the best time of year to visit?
– What will surprise them?

Remember, in English you start a letter with ‘Dear…’.

Creative Writing in English| A Day in the Life of a Raccoon

Write a story about a day in the life of a raccoon. Write the story from the perspective of the raccoon…. So, YOU ARE THE RACCOON. Write in first person.

A raccoon is the animal you see above. It lives in the United States (and maybe other countries, as well). It comes out at night. It often likes to eat trash and other small animals.

Questions to Help you Start Writing:
1. What is the Raccoon’s name?
2. What are the Raccoon’s favorite activities?
3. What things does that Raccoon not like to do?
4. Where does the raccoon live?
5. What does the raccoon eat?
6. Does the raccoon have friends?
7. What kind of problems does the raccoon run into?
8. What is the raccoon most afraid of?
9. When does the raccoon sleep?
10. Where does the raccoon get his/her food?

Challenge: Write a different version of the story. This time write it about a person that hates raccoons… and is trying to catch one that is causing problems at their house.

Creative Writing| A Person that Talks to Animals

Write a story about a person that talks to animals.

Questions to help you start writing:
1. What is the person’s name?
2. Which animals does he/she talk to?
3. What does he/she talk about with the animals?
4. Do the animals like to talk to this person?
5. Does he/she help solve the animals problems?
6. Where does he/she talk to animals? (farm, street, pet shop, zoo, etc.)
7. Where did he learn to talk to animals?
8. How does he communicate with the animals? (Special language, English, make animal sounds, etc.)
9. What does his/her family think about him/her talking to animals?
10. Is this person famous?
11. Does he/she only talk to certain types of animals?

Have fun writing!

Creative Writing: A Cat with No Mouth

Creative Writing Prompt: Write a story about a cat with no mouth.

Questions to help you write:
What is the cat’s name?
What it born without a mouth?
How does it eat?
Where could you find a mouth or teeth for him/her?
Does the cat need surgery?
If the cat has no mouth, how does he drink water and eat?
Does the cat want a mouth?
Does the cat like being different?
Will the cat like food, once it gets a mouth?
Do the other cat’s in his/her family have mouths?
How does the cat feel?
What will the cat have to do or pay to get a mouth?

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