English Listening Activity: Bats

English Listening Activity on Bats:

Listen to the listening activity one or two times to learn about bats. After listening, take the English comprehension quiz below to test your listening skills. 



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English Listening Activity: Slovakia

 Read along as you listen to help you understand the English listening activity on Slovakia.

Slovakia is a small nation in central Europe. The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava. Slovakia borders with Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary. Slovakia has approximately, 5.4 million citizens. Slovak is the official language of Slovakia.

Slovakia adopted its constitution on January 1st, 1993 when it separated from Czechoslovakia. Slovaks value education and the government spends about ten percent of the annual budget on education. Slovakia’s constitution guarantees freedom of religion and historically Slovaks are quite religious; with about 70% of the population being Catholic. Women have equal according to law. Most women work outside of the home.

Many tourists come to ski and hike in Slovakia. 65% of the annual GDP of Slovakia comes from tourism and the service industry.

Soccer is the most popular sport in Slovakia. Ice Hockey is also popular in the winter months.

In 2009, Slovakia started using the Euro. Raising costs and unemployment continue to be a major concern in Slovakia.

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ESL Listening Activity: Philippines

English (ESL) Listening Activity: Philippines

The Philippines is an island nation in the southwest Pacific Ocean. The Philippines form a chain of more than seven thousand islands. The capital of the Philippines is Manila. The Philippines have a population of more than 95 million people. Of this 95 million only about 2 million live in the capital city of Manila. The Philippines is located near China and Malaysia.

The Philippines is known for its beautiful beaches. In land on some of the islands you will find hills and steep mountains. On the island of Luzon, there is an active volcano. Millions of years ago the islands that now make up the Philippines were all under water. After earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, they eventually immerged from the sea. There are still earthquakes every year in the Philippines.

The weather in the Philippines is tropical. Most days the average temperature is 80F (or 27C). There is also a long rainy season every year from May to November.

Different groups of people live in the Philippines. The Aeta and Malay are the main ethnic groups but there are more than eighty represented in this island nation. People that live in the Philippines are called Filipinos. In the Philippines, people speak more than 80 languages. Filipino is a language that is based on Tagalog. It is one of the official languages. English is the other official language of the Philippines.

Filipino families are usually pretty large. It is not uncommon for grandparents, parents, children, aunts, uncles and cousins to live together. They often live in a compound; which is a group of houses that are close together. In a ‘typical’ Filipino family that father goes to work while the mother stays home and takes care of the children, home and shopping.

Manila, is a large city. It has many skyscrapers, cars and people. Is the city you can find both very rich people and people living in absolute poverty in little shacks made out of cardboard and metal.

ESL Listening Activity: Ostriches

English (ESL) Listening Activity on Ostriches

Ostriches are large oversized birds. They are the biggest bird in the world. Ostriches are taller and heavier than an average adult human being. Ostriches usually are over 6 feet, 2 inches tall and weigh around 250 pounds.
Ostriches don’t have very many feathers. Their bare skin ranges in color from pink to blue. Ostriches have small heads and big eyes and long eyelashes.
Ostriches are the fastest animal with two legs. They can run 40 miles (64 kilometers) per hour and they can run for hours at a time. They generally need to run to keep away from predators or other animals that want to kill them. Ostriches only have two toes on each foot. They also have long claws on each foot that act like cleats, the shoes baseball and soccer players use. Their long claws dig into the dirt as they run along.
Wild ostriches live in savannas in Africa. They hide or camouflage themselves for protection from other animals. Ostriches protect themselves by running away from predators or by kicking them. They kick very hard. They also have claws on the tips of their wings that they use to protect themselves. If an ostriches finds itself in danger and cannot get away; it lays flat on the ground and does not move.
Ostriches eat plants. They also eat some small animals such as lizards and some insects. Ostriches are omnivores. They will eat most plants, flowers and seeds. Ostriches rarely drink water. They get the majority of water they need form the plants they eat.
Ostriches live in small groups of usually 10-15 birds. Ostriches have good eyesight and hearing. Each group of ostriches had one male and several hens. They all take turns mating with the male. All the ostriches lay their eggs in the same nest and only the male and the ‘main’ hen sits on the nest and protects the eggs. The average ostrich’s egg weighs about 3 pounds or a little over 1 kilogram. Even though the hens share a nest they can distinguish which egg is their own. 15 to 55 baby chicks hatch at a time. Ostriches can live to be 50 years old.

Check your listening comprehension. Take a quiz about ostriches now!


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