ESL Writing Activity: Stating Your Opinion

It is important to be able to express your opinion in English. Everyone has opinions; be it positive or negative. When learning English it is often difficult to think of the word to explain how you think or feel about something.  

Helpful Sentence Starters to Express Your Opinion: 

I prefer…
I think…
I feel…
I know…
The best ___________ is….
The worst ___________ is…
Everyone should…
The greatest part about…
The best part about…
You should…
Everyone should…
In my opinion…
__________ is better than ____________ because…
If you liked ____________ you really will like (love)….
__________ is my favorite because…
__________ is my least favorite because…
Here are some reasons why…

Today think of something that you like, dislike, or have a problem with. Please write a paragraph (or two) stating your opinion using some of the sentences starters above. 

ESL Writing Activity: Packing List to Go Camping


Pretend that you are going to go camping with your friends next weekend. Write a list of things that you need to pack or bring with you. 

Don’t forget to pack things to protect you from mosquitoes, bears and rain. 


How many things did you think of on your list? Share a few of the items that you will bring on your camping trip. 

ESL Writing Activity: Describe Your Happiest Memory of Childhood

Childhood is the part of your life that your were a child. 

So, think about your childhood. Do any particular memories stand out? Do you get a happy feeling when you think about a birthday party or a trip that you went on? 

Today, you will  write about your favorite childhood memory. 

Questions to help your write: 

How old were you?
Where were you?
Who were you with?
What did you do?
How did you feel?
Did you do it one time or many times?
What made it so memorable?

Creative Writing| A 120 Year Old Grandma…

Write a creative story in English about a 120 year old grandma that likes to run.

Questions to help you start writing:
1. When did the grandma start running?
2. Who many miles (or kilometers) does she run at a time?
3. Does she run alone? With friends?
4. What does her family think about her running so much?
5. What is her secret to being so physically fit at the age 120?
6. Does she run with other elderly people?
7. Has she ever ran a marathon?
8. Does she plan on stopping or retiring from running?
9. What are her best tips for other runners?
10. Does she wear any special shoes or clothes when she runs?
11. What is the most she has ever ran in one day?
12. What time of day does she prefer to run?
13. Why does the Grandma like to run?

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