ESL Writing Activity: Grocery Shopping and Food

1. Make a list of 20 different things that you typically buy when you go grocery shopping.

2. Write a sentence stating how often you eat or drink each item.

I eat chicken every day.
I drink tea every morning when I wake up.
I eat pizza about once a week.
I eat cake only on special occasions like birthdays.

3. Make a list of food items that you never buy and why.

I never buy fish because I don’t like to eat it.
I don’t buy sushi because it is expensive.
I never buy French fries because they are unhealthy.

ESL Writing Prompt: Wrestling an Alligator

Pretend you are on a walk through a swamp when you see an alligator coming at you. You don’t have time to run or hide. You need to wrestle the alligator and him who’s boss.

Write a creative story in English about wrestling an alligator.

Questions to help you write:
Who won?
How long did you wrestle him for?
Did you or the alligator get hurt?
Did you make it out of the swamp alive?
Did anyone show up and try to help you?
Was this your first time wrestling an alligator?

ESL Writing Activity: Describe Your Happiest Memory of Childhood

Childhood is the part of your life that your were a child. 

So, think about your childhood. Do any particular memories stand out? Do you get a happy feeling when you think about a birthday party or a trip that you went on? 

Today, you will  write about your favorite childhood memory. 

Questions to help your write: 

How old were you?
Where were you?
Who were you with?
What did you do?
How did you feel?
Did you do it one time or many times?
What made it so memorable?

ESL Writing Activity: Visualize the Scene

Visualize means to form a mental image, or imagine, envision what is happening. 

To ‘visualize the scene‘ means that you are going to look at the picture and describe or visualize everything you can about it….

Some questions to help your visualize the scene above:

What do you see?
Are there people?
What are they doing?
How does it feel?
What is the weather like?
What is happening?
What are the people doing?
How do the people feel?
What time of day is it?
What season is it?
What are the people wearing?
What are the people talking about?
Is this there first time there?
Is there there first time doing this?
Are they having fun?
Why are they doing this?
Where are they?

Write down everything you would visualize about this picture.

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