ESL Creative Writing: Selling Coconuts

Write a story about a man that sells coconuts.

Use the questions below to help you generate ideas for the story.

Guiding Questions:
How many coconuts does he sell each day?
Who buys the coconuts?
Where does he get the coconuts?
How much do the coconuts costs?
How does he transport the coconuts? (car, horse, bag, wheel barrel, etc.)

ESL Creative Writing Prompt: Lost Suitcase of Money


In today’s ESL writing activity, you will write a creative story. 

Above you can see a picture of an angry man. He is angry because he cannot find his suitcase full of money. It seems that he has lost or misplaced it somewhere. 

While writing try to answer these questions…
Why is he so mad?
Where did he last see his suitcase?
How much money was in his suitcase? 
Where did he get a suitcase full of money? 
What was he going to do with so much money? 
Who does he think took the suitcase? 
Did he find the suitcase? 
Where did he look for the suitcase? What places?
Did anyone help him find the suitcase? 
What will he do if he does or doesn’t find it? 

 Have fun writing this story. 

ESL Writing Activity: Christmas List

It is common for children in the United States to make a Christmas list or write a letter to Santa. On this list they write what different toys, books or other things they would like for Christmas. Kids give their Christmas lists to their parents, relative and even Santa Claus. 

Write a list of things that you would like to receive as a gift from others. 

Challenge: Write a paragraph about the best or worst gift you have ever received. Why was it so great or horrible? Who gave it to you? 

ESL Writing Activity: Packing List to Go Camping


Pretend that you are going to go camping with your friends next weekend. Write a list of things that you need to pack or bring with you. 

Don’t forget to pack things to protect you from mosquitoes, bears and rain. 


How many things did you think of on your list? Share a few of the items that you will bring on your camping trip. 

ESL Creative Writing: What Farm Animals Would Say


Imagine that you went to a farm and the animals could talk. What would they tell you about their life? 

Farm Animals: 

Be creative. What would the animals tell you about their everyday life? Do they enjoy living there? What is their favorite part about living on a farm? How long have they lived there? What don’t they like about living on a farm? What would they change about living on the farm? Etc.

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