Talking about the Weather Forecast in English


Pretend you are a meteorologist. Talk about the weather forecast for tomorrow using this map. 

Sentences to help you speak… 

1. It will be ________________ in ________________. 

2. It will be hot in ____________________. 

3. It will be cold in ___________________. 

4. It will be ____ degrees in ____________. Don’t forget to wear warm clothes. 

5. Tomorrow, ______________ will be ______________. 

6. It will be sunny in ____________. 


Remember to use words like: North, South, East, West, cloudy, sunny, snowing, raining, cold, hot, and freezing. 

Talking About the Future in English


Learning how to talk about what happens in the future is important. You spend a lot of time talking about the future, whether you are talking about 5 minutes or 5 years from now; you need to learn to correctly express yourself in English. There are many different ways to talk about the future in English.

1. Use ‘will’ to talk about the future.
• He will study in the university next year.
• I will go shopping on Saturday.
• I wonder what he will do.
• I hope you will come to my wedding.
• Will I see you tonight?
• Erica will help you make a fruit salad.
• She will be swimming in a competition this weekend.
• Pablo will be cooking us dinner tonight.
• He will be taking the train to visit his friend in Holland.

2. Use present tense and a future time marker (tomorrow, later on, next week, in a few minutes, etc).
• I have to go to school tomorrow.
• I have a baseball game next week.
• She is dancing later tonight.
• He is running a marathon next month.

3. Use ‘want’ when talking about things that are uncertain
• She wants to travel to China.
• Brian wants to move to Indonesia in June.
• I want to visit my grandma.

4. Use (be) going to
• I am going to the bar after work.
• My brother is going to do his homework.
• They say it’s going to snow a lot tonight.
• I am going to go on vacation to Japan.
• Be careful Elizabeth. You are going to fall.

5. Use ‘if’
• I will visit if you call me.
• If Japan wins the game, they will win the championship this year.
• They should finish work at 5pm if all the clients leave on time.

6. Use the words: would like, plan, mean, hope, expect
• I would like to try the new Vietnamese restaurant downtown.
• I hope to visit my friend Josefina this year.
• I plan to go to the conference in Texas but I haven’t bought my tickets yet.

7. Use the words: may, might, should and could about things that are uncertain
• I might go to Israel next summer..
• He might come over after work.
• She may buy a new car but she is not sure yet.
• He could travel to Mexico but he doesn’t know when.


What are you going to do tonight?

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

Example 4:


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