Money Idioms in English

Money is something that people never seem to have enough of. Below you will learn eight idioms about money in English. 

Look at the infographic below from Kaplan International, it has great illustrations to help you understand and remember some idioms commonly used to talk about money.  

To read more from the original post, you can visit Kaplan here


Are these idioms new to you? Is it common for people to go Dutch in your country? 

Animal Idioms in English

Do you have trouble learning and understanding English idioms? In today’s post you will learn eight animal idioms or common sayings in English. 

Check out the infographic below from Kaplan International presenting some English idioms about animals. 

Read original article from Kaplan here.

Have you ever heard or used any of these animal idioms before? Do you know anyone other animal idioms in English? If so, please share. 

7 Idioms in English with the Word ‘Clean’

Seven Idioms in English with the Word ‘Clean’

1. A clean break
Meaning: leave quickly and completely
Example Sentence: She wanted a clean break after they broke up. She didn’t want to see him ever again.

2. A clean slate
Meaning: to start something again
Example Sentence: The new CEO started with a clean slate.

3. Clean something out
Meaning: to remove dirt or things from the inside of something
Example Sentence: This weekend, I cleaned out the basement and have four boxes of clothes to get rid of.

4. Clean up
Meaning: get someone or something cleaner
Example Sentence: I’ve got to clean up before the party guests get here.

5. Clean-cut
Meaning: a male that is clean, has short hair and orderly
Example Sentence: Most politicians and men in the military are clean-cut.

6. Wipe the slate clean
Meaning: to forget all past problems or mistakes and start again
Example Sentence: Amelia wanted to wipe her slate clean and get a new job after being fired.

7. A clean bill of health
– News that you are healthy or well
– News that an organization or company is operating correctly
Example Sentences:
1. Marie can’t go back to work until the doctors give her a clean bill of health.
2. The Orange County Health Organization received a clean bill a health after an external investigation.

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Idiom: Up for Grabs

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