Watching Cartoons Can Improve Your English

Cartoons aren’t just for kids. Watching cartoons can improve your English language skills.

What are cartoons?
Cartoons are animated drawings, usually popular with kids but there are some popular cartoons for adults such as the Simpsons and Family Guy.

How Can Cartoons Improve My English?

1. Cartoons are Simple
Most cartoons are simple. They have simple storylines with a problem and solution, so they are not hard to follow. Even if you do not understand every single word you will be able to visually see the storyline play out and that will increase your comprehension because you will be able to use more than one sense at the same time. When watching cartoons you use your sight (eyes) and hearing (ears) to increase your comprehension.

2. Very Common Language is Used
Since the target audience for most cartoons is children the language used is purposefully simple. The English verbs that are used are common and words that you could most likely use in your every day when speaking English. You will not hear complex academic language used in cartoons. They use common words that most English speakers and learners can understand. 

3. Repetition
Some cartoons are repetitive and ask the people viewing questions and to repeat back what the character has to do. This is helpful because you can practice listening to and answering questions.

4. Improve Your Vocabulary
You will learn some new words. Some words might be useful to you and others you might never need to use. Adding new words to your vocabulary as an English language learner is always helpful.

5. Improve Your Listening Comprehension
Being able to see and hear what is going on at the same time will likely improve your listening comprehension. You will be able to relate words and phrases said to the actions or things you see the characters doing on the screen.

Where to Find Cartoons in English:
1. Your TV if you have cable or satellite TV in your home
2. Nick Jr. 
3. PBS Kids 
4. YouTube
Tom and Jerry 
Woody Woodpecker 
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Bugs Bunny 
Peppa the Pig (British Accent)
5. Disney and other animated Movies/DVD’s
On many DVD’s you can change the language that is spoken to English or you can add English subtitles.

Give it a try… next time you have an extra 5 or 10 mins. or want to try learning English differently tune into some cartoons.

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