English Listening Activity: Bats

English Listening Activity on Bats:

Listen to the listening activity one or two times to learn about bats. After listening, take the English comprehension quiz below to test your listening skills. 



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English Listening Activity: Elvis Presley

Elvis Aaron Presley is one of the biggest celebrities of rock ‘n’ roll music of all time. He was a very popular musician and actor. In fact, even today rock artists look up to him for inspiration. Elvis Presley was born on January 8th, 1935 in Mississippi in the United States.

When he was younger, Elvis did odd jobs but continued to stay interested in music and practiced singing. He finally signed with a recording company in 1955. Elvis Presley brought the traditional Blues into the modern mainstream and produced early rock and roll music.

Elvis Presley’s personality and ability to perform helped him reach the top. His charming personality and looks made girls drool over him.

In 1956, he started his career as an actor. He acted in many movies and came back to do live music performances in the 1970’s. Billions of his records have been sold worldwide.

However, trouble soon entered his life with a divorce and extensive hours of work for which he resorted to using drugs. In August of 1977, Elvis died of heart failure in Tennessee. It is believed that he died due to his drug addiction. His death certainly shocked all his fans worldwide, but he will always remain a rock star forever for his music and charming personality.

Even to this day, Elvis continues to be an iconic figure of American history.

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