12 Phrasal Verbs with ‘Off’

In this article your will learn the meaning of twelve phrasal verbs with ‘off’ that are commonly used in English.

1. Call off (something)
Meaning: postpone or cancel something
Example sentence: We had to call off the meeting with the new client.

2. Go off (something)
Meaning: explode or fire
Example sentence: The gun went off at the beginning of the race.

3. Lay off
Meaning: to stop doing something, give up, fired (someone) from work
Example sentence: My sister was laid off from her job.

4. Live off
Meaning: depend on something or something as a source of income or support
Example sentence: My little brother lives off my parents.

5. Make off
Meaning: leave quickly
Example sentence: The bank robbers made off with two million dollars.

6. Pay off (something)
Meaning: yield good results, succeed
Example sentence: My hard work has really paid off. I just graduated with honors and got offered a job.

7. Pull off (something)
Meaning: manage to make something happen
Example sentence: I can’t believe they were able to pull off such a big party in spite of the rain.

8. Put off (something)
Meaning: avoid, delay, postpone
Example sentence: We put off the picnic until tomorrow because it was raining.

9. Set off someone
Meaning: Make someone very mad or angry
Example sentence: Talking about politics always set my uncle off. He thinks the government wastes too much money.

10. Show off
Meaning: deliberate show or brag about one’s abilities or accomplishments
Example sentence: My friend likes to show off how much he knows about music.

11. Take off
Meaning: airplane becomes airborne OR someone quickly leaving
Example sentence: The police officer took off after the speeding car.

12. Write off (something)
Meaning: cancellation of a bad debt or asset
Example sentence: The bank wrote off three hundred delinquent accounts.

Phrasal Verb ‘Get Out’ in English

The Phrasal Verb ‘Get Out’ has many meanings in English. Usually phrasal verbs have one or two different meanings but ‘get out’ has many meanings.

Below you will find a list of different ways that you can use the phrasal verb ‘get out’ in English. There are also example sentences to help you further understand how to use this phrasal verb.

Phrasal Verb: ‘Get out’

1. Leave your house and socialize, hangout or spend free time with other people
• Mary never gets out. She is always taking care of her kids.
• I would love to get out and try the new restaurant downtown.
• I haven’t got out in a long time.

2. Leave a vehicle, like a car
• I got out at the end of the driveway.
• We got out near downtown and walked to dance club.
• Please stop the taxi! I need to get out right here.

3. Remove or take out an object from where it is
• She got out her suitcase in preparation for her trip to India.
• I got out the boxes of old clothes that were in the basement.
• My father got out the lawnmower and put gas in it.

4. Remove dirt or something unwanted (like a stain)
• I have to get out this spaghetti stain before it sets.
• Mary can’t get the stain out of her new shirt.
• I have the get out the dirt from my pants before it leaves a mark.

5. Leave or escape a place
• They got out before the fire destroyed their home.
• She got out from the car unharmed by the horrible accident.
• The dog got out from his kennel while I was at work.

6. When a secret or information comes out when people want to keep it information
• Somehow the secret about his affair got out.
• The information got out about what happened in the secret meeting.

7. Make available to the public or publish
• I have to get this project out before I leave today.
• The marketing department has to get out six advertising campaigns for the new clients.
• I have to get out the new volunteer calendar this week.

8. Say something when it is difficult
• Mary was so exhausted that she couldn’t even get out her words.
• The little girl was crying so hard that she could barely get out her words.

You should now have a better understanding of how the phrasal verb ‘get out’ can be used in English.

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Phrasal Verb| Show Off

Phrasal Verb- Show Off

Meaning: brag, want to be admired or attract attention


1. Evelyn is always showing off her new clothes.
2. Brittany likes to show off how good she looks since she lost a lot of weight.
3. Juan likes to show off how much he can   drink, when he goes to parties.
4. Leslie spent all day showing off the diamond ring her boyfriend gave her.
5. Marcos likes to show off his muscles at the gym. He is always lifting really heavy weights and grunting, so that people look at him.
6. My sister loves to show off to her friends. She is always talking about her new iPod and about her trip to Italy.

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