Mend, Repair or Fix? Confusing Words in English

Mend, Repair or Fix?

Mend: repair something that is broke or damaged, a repair in a material (usually used when talking about clothing or relationships)

Repair: to fix something that is damaged, renew, renovate or restore

Fix: mend, repair, improve or adapt something

Fix is the most common of the three words. When in doubt use the word ‘fix’.
Mend is rarely used in the United States. It is more commonly used in Great Britain.

Sentences with Mend:
1. My mom is going to mend my shirt.
2. Erica and Andrew are trying to mend their relationship.
3. Evelyn is mending her broken heart.

Sentences with Repair:
1. Ellen got her computer repaired. The screen was broken.
2. I am taking my car in for repairs. It doesn’t seem to be working right.
3. We need to repair the leaking pipe in the basement.

Sentences with Fix:
1. He is trying to fix the broken lamp.
2. Grandpa fixed the broken window last night.
3. My mom fixed the hole in my sock.

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