English Vocabulary for Getting a Haircut

I don’t know about you but getting a haircut makes me really nervous. Now imagine not knowing the words you need in English to get your hair cut and looking nice and exactly how you want it again. Below is English vocabulary that you can use when you are getting your hair cut or planning a trip to the hair salon.

Where do you get your hair cut?
A Barber Shop
A Hair Salon

Barber: Person that cuts men’s hair
Hair Stylist or Hair dresser: Person that cuts hair (Women and Men)

Scheduling your haircut appointment:
Say: I need to get my haircut. Do you have any openings today?

After arriving at the hair salon, the hairstylist that is going to cut your hair usually comes and gets you from the waiting area. They have you sit down in their chair and do a consultation, which means the barber or hairdresser asks you questions about what you want done to your hair. Below are some questions in English that stylists ask clients when they do their haircut consultation.


Common Questions Hair Stylists Ask Clients Before the Haircut:
What are you looking to do today?
How much do you want taken off today?
How much do you want to cut off your hair today?
What do you like most about your hair?
What do you like least about your hair?
Do you want any layering?
Would you like your hair shampooed today?
Would you like a brow waxing or any color treatments?


Possible Responses to the Hairstylists Questions:
• I would like a trim. (trim = cutting off a little bit)
• Can you cut off 2 or 3 inches?
• I have a lot of split ends. Can you cut those? (split ends= when your hair splits in two and is damaged)
• I would like to get bangs today. (bangs= when hair is cut shorter across forehead)
• Can you give me a bunch of different layers? (layers = hair is cut in different lengths to better ‘frame’ the face)
• I want a whole new look.
• Can you thin out my hair a little bit?
Chop it all off. (chop= another words for cut)
• Please take some hair off the top but not too much off the sides.
• I would like a buzz cut. (buzz cut = is shaved very short, like someone in the military)

After getting your hair cut the stylist may use the blow-dryer to dry your hair and may use different products (gels, mousse, spray, etc) to style it.

You usually pay the receptionist or person at the front desk when you are done. It is customary in the United States to tip your hair dresser if you like the haircut and think they did a good job.

Now you should have the vocabulary you need to successfully get a haircut with an English stylist or salon.

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