ESL Writing: Owls

In the picture above you see some owls in the snow. You will be doing several short writing activities about these owls. 

1. Describe the owls. What do they look like? What colors are they? Describe their bodies. 

2. Write a list about everything that you know about owls. 

-They have wings. 
-They sleep during the day. 

3. Write a list of questions you have about owls. 

Example Questions:
-How many years does the average owl live for?
-What do owls eat? 

4. Write a short story about what these owls do each day.

What does their daily life look like?
Where do they go?
What do they eat?
When/Where do they sleep? 

I hope you had fun thinking and writing about owls. As always, feel free to share your writing. 

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