Talking about Your Schedule in English

 Use the diagram above to help you answer questions about Eddie, Jon and Jackie’s daily sports schedule. 

Talking About Your Schedule

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Helpful Phrases to Talk about Your Schedule… 

I __________ every Thursday. 

I work Monday through Friday. 

I __________ on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

I don’t ______________ on the weekend, only on weekdays. 

(English Listening Course) Topic 13: Sports

Below you will find the audio and lesson for topic 13 on sports. 

Topic 13: Lesson

Regular Audio- Topic 13: 

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Slower Audio- Topic 13: 

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 Written Transcript of Topic 13

Day 20: Extreme Sports

Welcome to Day 20 of the 30-Day English Challenge!

Today you will learn about Extreme Sports. First, listen and learn about personal values on the lesson link. After that you can do the four activities related to this topic.

Today’s Lesson:

(PDF Slides of Lesson)

Daily Tasks: Day 20- Extreme Sports

Listening: The Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports

Reading: Are Extreme Sports Too Dangerous?

Writing: (PDF of Writing)
1.  Have you ever done any extreme sports? If, yes explain which ones. If no, why not?
2. Why do you think some people love extreme sports so much?
3.  Do you think people who participate or do extreme sports do other dangerous things in their life? 

Would you encourage your children to play or do extreme sports? Why or why not? Which extreme sports do you think would be safer to do than others? Explain your answer. 

Sentences Starters to Help You Talk…
I would/wouldn’t encourage my children to play extreme sports because ___________. 
I think is would be a good/bad idea for my kids to play extreme sports because _____________. 
Extreme sports are ____________. 
Some extreme sports are ____________ than other extreme sports. 
I think that ______________ and ________________ are very dangerous because _______________. 
I think ____________________ is safer than _______________. 

Speaking Sample:

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