Confusing Words in English: Travel, Trip, Vacation, Journey

Some words can be confusing in English. Below you will find the different meanings of travel, trip, vacation and journey in English.

(Noun) Act of going some place and returning. 
1- I went on a trip to Jamaica.
2- I am going on a trip with my family.
3- We are planning a trip to Italy.
4- I can’t wait for our trip to Las Vegas. It will be so much fun!

(Noun) Action of traveling (usually to a different country)
(Verb) Going on a journey for a long time or to different country. 
1- Next year I want to travel to Japan.
2- Peter travels to many different countries on business.
3- My husband traveled to Spain last month.
4- I travel once a year to Germany to visit my aunt.

(Noun) an extended time to relax or for recreation spent away from your home
(Verb) take a vacation
1- I am going on vacation next week.
2- We had to cancel our vacation because of the hurricane.
3- They went on vacation for a month.
4- I am so stressed. I need a vacation.

*Holiday is commonly used in British English instead of vacation. 

(Noun) act of traveling from one place to another for a long time
(Verb) travel somewhere (*not commonly used)
1- My sister when on a long journey. 
2- The pioneers journeyed west in search of gold. 
3- They journeyed  across the ocean in their ship. 
4- The journey lasted four long months. 

 You should now have a clearer understanding of how to use trip, travel, vacation and journey when speaking English. 

ESL Creative Writing: Trip to the Beach

Pretend you are planning a day trip to the beach. Complete the following writing activities below.

1. Write a list of 15 things that you would pack to go to the beach.

2. Write Sentences:

I would pack a ________________ because __________.

I need a _______ at the beach ___________.

-I need a towel at the beach to dry off after swimming.
-I would pack a lunch because I will get hungry.

English Writing Prompt| Giving Advice to a Tourist

A tourist is planning a trip to your country (or city).
Write a letter telling them where to go, what to see and what to pack.

Other things you might want to tell the tourist:
– Where to go?
– Where NOT to go?
– What to do?
– What places have the best food? Drinks? Dancing?
– What should they eat? Drink?
– What should they pack in their suitcase?
– What will the temperature/climate be like? Cold? Hot? Snowing? Rainy?
– Are there any words they should know before arriving?
– What is the best time of year to visit?
– What will surprise them?

Remember, in English you start a letter with ‘Dear…’.

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