Talking about the Weather Forecast in English


Pretend you are a meteorologist. Talk about the weather forecast for tomorrow using this map. 

Sentences to help you speak… 

1. It will be ________________ in ________________. 

2. It will be hot in ____________________. 

3. It will be cold in ___________________. 

4. It will be ____ degrees in ____________. Don’t forget to wear warm clothes. 

5. Tomorrow, ______________ will be ______________. 

6. It will be sunny in ____________. 


Remember to use words like: North, South, East, West, cloudy, sunny, snowing, raining, cold, hot, and freezing. 

(English Listening Course) Topic 3: Weather

Today’s topic is weather. Below you will find the lesson, downloadable audio and written transcript for this lesson. 

Topic 3: Lesson

Regular Audio- Topic 3: 

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Slower Audio- Topic 3: 

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 Written Transcript of Topic 3

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