Inside-Out Interview: English Question Writing Practice

This is a different type of interview. In this interview the answers are already there but the questions are missing.

In the English question writing activity below you will need to read the answer and then write the question that you think was being asked. The purpose of this activity is for you to practice writing questions in English.

Inside-Out Interview:

A: I am from Manila in the Philippines.

A: I like to cook Italian food. I took a class about it a long time ago and it is my favorite thing to do now. I am really good at making ravioli.

A: When I was a child, I lived in a small town with my family. When I was fourteen, we moved to a big city when my dad got a promotion.

A: I have been studying English for four years. I am good at reading but I struggle to understand and speak English. I get really nervous when I have to speak English.

A: I like having friends from a lot of different countries and cultures. I have friends from Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam and India.

A: I want to travel to Italy and Greece. I am saving money to go on a trip. I hope to be able to go there within the next year or so.

A: I look up to my mother. She really valued education. She taught us to study and work hard. She is a very determined person.

A: I don’t like to eat sea food. One time I got sick when I ate it. I have never eaten any sea food since that day.

A: I am shy when I meet new people. After getting to know them for a while I open up and feel more comfortable.

A: One time I was in a car accident. It was a very scary experience. I really try to be a careful driver now.


Share your questions in the comments section. 

ESL Writing Prompt: Wrestling an Alligator

Pretend you are on a walk through a swamp when you see an alligator coming at you. You don’t have time to run or hide. You need to wrestle the alligator and him who’s boss.

Write a creative story in English about wrestling an alligator.

Questions to help you write:
Who won?
How long did you wrestle him for?
Did you or the alligator get hurt?
Did you make it out of the swamp alive?
Did anyone show up and try to help you?
Was this your first time wrestling an alligator?

ESL Creative Writing: What Farm Animals Would Say


Imagine that you went to a farm and the animals could talk. What would they tell you about their life? 

Farm Animals: 

Be creative. What would the animals tell you about their everyday life? Do they enjoy living there? What is their favorite part about living on a farm? How long have they lived there? What don’t they like about living on a farm? What would they change about living on the farm? Etc.

ESL Writing Activity: Describe Your Happiest Memory of Childhood

Childhood is the part of your life that your were a child. 

So, think about your childhood. Do any particular memories stand out? Do you get a happy feeling when you think about a birthday party or a trip that you went on? 

Today, you will  write about your favorite childhood memory. 

Questions to help your write: 

How old were you?
Where were you?
Who were you with?
What did you do?
How did you feel?
Did you do it one time or many times?
What made it so memorable?

Creative Writing| A Person that Talks to Animals

Write a story about a person that talks to animals.

Questions to help you start writing:
1. What is the person’s name?
2. Which animals does he/she talk to?
3. What does he/she talk about with the animals?
4. Do the animals like to talk to this person?
5. Does he/she help solve the animals problems?
6. Where does he/she talk to animals? (farm, street, pet shop, zoo, etc.)
7. Where did he learn to talk to animals?
8. How does he communicate with the animals? (Special language, English, make animal sounds, etc.)
9. What does his/her family think about him/her talking to animals?
10. Is this person famous?
11. Does he/she only talk to certain types of animals?

Have fun writing!

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