ESL Writing Activity: Stating Your Opinion

It is important to be able to express your opinion in English. Everyone has opinions; be it positive or negative. When learning English it is often difficult to think of the word to explain how you think or feel about something.  

Helpful Sentence Starters to Express Your Opinion: 

I prefer…
I think…
I feel…
I know…
The best ___________ is….
The worst ___________ is…
Everyone should…
The greatest part about…
The best part about…
You should…
Everyone should…
In my opinion…
__________ is better than ____________ because…
If you liked ____________ you really will like (love)….
__________ is my favorite because…
__________ is my least favorite because…
Here are some reasons why…

Today think of something that you like, dislike, or have a problem with. Please write a paragraph (or two) stating your opinion using some of the sentences starters above. 

ESL Writing Activity: Describe Your Happiest Memory of Childhood

Childhood is the part of your life that your were a child. 

So, think about your childhood. Do any particular memories stand out? Do you get a happy feeling when you think about a birthday party or a trip that you went on? 

Today, you will  write about your favorite childhood memory. 

Questions to help your write: 

How old were you?
Where were you?
Who were you with?
What did you do?
How did you feel?
Did you do it one time or many times?
What made it so memorable?

ESL Writing Activity: Visualize the Scene

Visualize means to form a mental image, or imagine, envision what is happening. 

To ‘visualize the scene‘ means that you are going to look at the picture and describe or visualize everything you can about it….

Some questions to help your visualize the scene above:

What do you see?
Are there people?
What are they doing?
How does it feel?
What is the weather like?
What is happening?
What are the people doing?
How do the people feel?
What time of day is it?
What season is it?
What are the people wearing?
What are the people talking about?
Is this there first time there?
Is there there first time doing this?
Are they having fun?
Why are they doing this?
Where are they?

Write down everything you would visualize about this picture.

ESL Writing Activity: Describe the Monster’s Characteristics

Today you will write sentences describing the physical characteristics of this monster. Included detailed information so that if someone read your description that could visualize the monster or even draw it. 

Sentence Starters: 

The monster has…. 

The monster is….

The monster is wearing…


Challenge: After you have wrote sentences to describe the monster. Read them to a friend, classmate or family member that is learning English. See if they could draw the monster while you describe it. This will help you find out if you did a good job on writing your description and let you know if you forgot anything. 

Have fun! 


English Writing Prompt | What Does a Secretary do?

A good secretary makes sure everything is done and everyone is happy.
If you think about it, they DO A LOT!

Brainstorm a list of everything a secretary (or office assistant) does?

How many things did you write down?

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